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Continuing Training

There really is no other way to put it, but the overall quality of match officiating has declined over the past couple of years.  Why?  One reason is that very few of our less experienced referees bother to attend the SRSOA meetings and training sessions.  The second reason is our failure to ensure that our new referees have an experienced mentor helping them along.

The state association recognized that this is a problem across the state.  As a partial fix, the state mandated a 9-month continuing training schedule. This schedule appears below.

Jan – Game Management Model-Flow vs. Risk +  Be Mentor / Find a Mentor
Feb -  Handling
Mar – Assistant Referee Involvement + Offside withall of the Clarified interpretations.
Apr – Dissent
May – 100% Misconduct
Jun – Free Kick and Restart Management
Jul – Game Disrepute and Mass Confrontation
Aug – Contact above the Shoulder
Sep – Injury Management
Oct – Managing the Technical Area

It is critical that you attend as many of the SRSOA meetings as you can. Even the most experienced refs learn something from every meeting.

Next Meeting: Second Tuesday of every month January thru October; 8:00 PM


Where: IF Parks & Rec Activity Center  (1575 N. Skyline, west side of Skyline just before you get to the airport)


BYSL Spring Youth Leagues


Youth leagues will likely begin the first week of April. Shel Williams is currently the referee assignor and will provide additional information in the spring.   


Spring and Summer Adult Leagues

The Idaho Falls Adult Soccer Association (IFASA) sponsors the Women's and the Co-Ed leagues.  The men's teams are part of the  soccer league run by the Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Department.

More information will be provided next year.  Currently, Chuck Raines is the referee assignor for IFASA.  These matches use USSF certified referees and is affiliated with US Soccer.  

However,  the city sponsored league is another matter.  The city (as is the case with the YMCA indoor leagues) is not affiliated with US Soccer or the Idaho State Soccer Association.  Therefor, to referee these games, you will become a temporary, part-time employee of the city, just like all the softball and basketball referees do for their other leagues.  These are not USSF-sanctioned matches and you will not be eligible for any health or liability insurance coverage that your membership in USSF provides should you choose to referee these matches.  Mike Wedman (612-8580) is the point of contact for the city soccer league and can provide more details if you are interested in doing these matches.  




SRSOA officers are: 

President: Rick Spielman

Vice-President: Chuck Raines

Secretary: Robert Cox

Treasurer: Dan Kotansky 


Information regarding re-certification for 2016 will be coming out in the next month or so.  You can use this link for all the information you need  Idaho Soccer Referees
If you have questions, please contact  Alex Jones at sra@idahosoccerrefs.org.  Thanks and we'll be seeing you soon

Clinics (Note the date change for the Rexburg clinic)

Peter Stilling will be holding two Entry Level Referee (Grade 8) clinics in February; one in Idaho Falls on the 6th and the other in Rexburg on the 20th.  

Date:            February 6, 2016 (8:00 AM - 6:00 PM)
Location:      First Presbyterian Church
346 Elm St.
Idaho Falls

Date:            February 27, 2016 (8:00 AM - 6:00 PM)
Location:      BYU-Idaho Hart Building Room 170
239 S 1st W

Details: This clinic is arranged in two parts. Part one MUST be completed on-line prior to attending the classroom portion. The on-line portion is found here: http://www.ussoccer.com/Referees/Resource-Center/Online-Training/Grade-8-Referee-Course.aspx

There are 18 modules that must be completed. The first module that is called Introduction does not have a quiz associated with it and therefore it does not have a certificate of completion associated with it. For the remaining 17 modules you must complete the module, pass the quiz, and keep a copy of the completion certificate to show the instructor (Peter Stilling) that you have satisfied all 17 sections. This means you will have 17 completion certificates, one for each section. The cost of the clinic is $35. The cost for certification is $40. Thus the total cost is $75.00.  Please make a single check payable to ISRC. Cash is acceptable too.

Contact: Peter Stilling sdi@idahosoccerrefs.org

Interesting Link

Check out this link regarding what it takes to be a professional referee.




The web master for the SRSOA site is Rick Spielman.  If you have information that should be posted to this site, please send it to him at crpielman@gmail.com.  Alternatively, you may call him at 528-6052.