Association Meetings & Continuing Training
Association meetings will restart in August.  Dates will be established in conjunction with BYSL and high school schedules to assure that all referees who are also players and coaches can participate. 

It is critical that you attend as many of the SRSOA meetings as you can. Even the most experienced refs learn something from every meeting.


The instructions for your re-certification process are found at the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee website (  It will direct you to access Arbiter and log in to the ISRC - Idaho Central Hub group to process your fee payments. 

Re-certification clinics will be held in eastern Idaho on the following dates and locations.  You need to per-register for a clinic during the re-certification process mentioned above.

January 12th - Idaho Falls, First Presbyterian Church 9 AM

January 12th -  Pocatello, Veteran Service Office, Pond Student Union Building, 9AM

January 12th - Victor, ID, 7PM, 7823 Mountain Shadows Way

January 19th - Idaho Falls, First Presbyterian Church, 9 AM

January 26th - Pocatello, Veteran Service Office, Pond Student Union Building, 9 AM




SRSOA officers are: 

President: Rick Spielman

Treasurer: Dan Kotansky 

USSF Grade 8 Entry Level Referee Clinics

Two Grade 8 (entry level) referee clinics will be held in Idaho Falls on the mornings of March 9 and 16th.    The clinics will be held at the First Presbyterian Church located at 325 Elm Street (about two blocks east of the Museum of Idaho).  For information and to register, go to the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee for clinic information. 


The Grade 7 clinic scheduled for Saturday, February 23rd is postponed and a new date is not established.  Keep an eye on this page or the ISRC website to find out when it will be held.  This clinic for for those experienced referees that are ready to be assigned to upper level youth and low-level adult amateur matches.  Prerequisites include completing the registration and on-line training requirements which can be accessed through the Idaho Soccer Referee Committee.


ISRC District 2 Referee Administator

Rick Spielman as the District 2 Referee Administrator (DRA).  The DRA assists the ISRC in meeting the needs of the District 2 referees.  The DRA is also responsible for all referee training clinics scheduled in District 2.  District 2 is essentially all of eastern Idaho; from Pocatello up the Snake River Valley and over to the Teton Valley.  The DRA can also assist referees with any questions they may have and provide guidance on their advancement up the ranks. 



The web master (LOL) for the SRSOA site is Rick Spielman.  If you have information that should be posted to this site, please send it to him at  Alternatively, you may call him or text his cell at 208-569-6107.